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It’s your health

It’s your health, so don’t compromise. Just like you, we care about your health and we couldn’t bring out something greener than Moringa.

In a drink, or a soup or a sprinkle on your salad, it’s a teaspoon of health and happiness. Our products come in the form of powder and capsules designed for easy consumption. They are processed under strict hygiene conditions to make sure that when you dive into the box, it’s a real green revolution wherever you go.

Moringa is famous for containing a wide range of vitamins including: Vitamin A, B 6 , C, E , Iron, Riboflavin and Zinc. Nutri-Globe’s moringa products are pack with love to give you freshness. Be green today to be healthier tomorrow.


  • John Dilan Posted 20th October 2015 12:35 pm

    Very nice post

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